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Superseeding with regular download/seeding.Can both be done same time?


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I am trying to superseed a rel but at the same time still downloading/seeding other torrents at the same time. Is there anyway i can tell utorrent to split my up speed in such a way that the superseed torrent will use a constant 10k/s while the other 10k/s (of my total 20k/s up speed) is used for the reg concurrent torrent downl/seeding?

As of right now i put the superseed torrent as high priority but it does not use more than like 6k/s with the remaining 14k/s split among the regular torrent.

My temporary solution right now is i am running a concurrent instance of azureus to superseed with max speed on that set at 10k/s and set the utorrent up speed at 10k/s for the regular torrents. Don't like have to run azureus since it uses a lot of memory. I've heard you can try to set things upt to run two instance of utorrent, but it's not simple.

Anyone with any suggestion? Thnx

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You can set individual upload speed max on torrents in uTorrent.

If you do that, ONLY set the "special" torrent to 10 KB/sec. Let the others use the excess up to 20 KB/sec, however much that may be.

But it probably won't help because uTorrent doesn't have superseeding.

Initial seeding only works ok under exacting conditions.

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Problem I have is that the regular torrents just take over all the upload bandwidth from the torrent i want to superseed or initial seed.

It's not good to set individual speed for my other "regular" torrent since a specific torrent may use more or less than what i set.

As of right now with my current way of running azureus and utorrent, the azureus is using a constant 10k/s upload for the one torrent i am superseeding/initial seeding. all the regular torrents on utorrent is not affecting or "stealing" any of the 10k/s upload speed for the torrent being initially seeded.

Y'all get what i am trying to say right?

Oh well, i guess if there's nothing else, i can probably keep doing this for a few more wks to get the initial seeding done. i would prefer to being able to run less apps if i can.....

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