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Yellow Light Problem plz Help


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I have a bit of a unique setup. I have a Linksys WRt54g v5 router on which I have installed DD WRT v24 firmware.

I also use a proxy service (BTGuard) to route my torrent traffic through canada.

I opened the port that uTorrent is using (the portchecker even confirms it is open) and I even went so far as to open the port that the proxy is using.

These ports are OPEN. I know how to open ports, I had done it before. I don't think it is a port Issue. I have disabled the router firewall, unchecked block random requests and all the other things you can possible do to try to make this work while compromising the security of your network.

Anybody have any suggestions as to how I can get this light to go green?

Again, the ports are OPN

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