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What is the best port for utorrent


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I can't seed with my utorrent(the red icon).

What icon is red?

And there is no such thing as a "best" port. Whatever port you can get opened and isn't being used by anything else is a fine port (well, avoid 6881-6889, and 32459, as they're well-known BitTorrent ports).

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johnjohnsonver is referring to the icon at the bottom centre of utorrent. When all is working as it should, it's green circle with white tick. When there's no incoming connections, it's the yellow triangle with white exclamation mark, etc.

I may be wrong, but i'm positive that your problem lies with portfowarding. You will need to go here http://www.portforward.com/ and set up your router to allow incoming connections.

Hope that helps

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here are my results, if somebody can help, I'll be very thankful.

windows ip configuration

host name ... pc

primary dns suffix ...

nide type ... unknown

ip routing enabled ... no

wins proxy enabled ... no

Ethernet adapter local area connection 2

connection-specific dns suffix ...

description ... realtek RTL8139/810x Family Fast Ethernet NIC

Physical address ... 00-13-8F-B2-97-3C

dhcp enabled ... no

ip address ...

subnet mask ...

default gateway ...

dns server ...


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No I don't see that,

actually my I can seed even if the red icon is on, but very slow.

and if I download something from public tracker the speed is good, but the problem is that only when I download something from my favorite private tracker the speed is slow.

This happened to me before I repair(I can't remember how) it and everything was ok, but now I can't.The problem is not in the tracker.

Thanks for your help

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[DHT] not allowed

[Local Peer Discovery] not allowed

[Peer Exchange] not allowed

when I right click my icon

enable scheduler - not checked

enable DHT - checked

(no incoming connections,

Unless the icon turn green, it could indicate a problem with your network connection)

when I click on the icon, and test port forwarding, I see :

"An error has occurred!

Port 61990 does not appear to be open."

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