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uTorrent not updating webui


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i have tried all the posts i could find on this issue but nothing has worked.

i am running uTorrent 1.8.5 on a server 2003 box with webui 0.361

when i add a torrent to uTorrent it downloads but does not display the download in he webui

when i add to webui it downloads but does not add to uTorrent

i hope somone has an idea as to what i can try!

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Yes and yes!


this issue seems to have goten even stranger! after uninstalling utorrent then reinstalling it i can now add files in webui and they are added in utorrent however the stats show that it is always downloading around 20kb/s and uploading around 8kb/s even when no torrents are loaded!

any ideas?!?!?!

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