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Slow Dowload Speed


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Alright! I hate to be bothersome but I can't seem to find anything that helps me, and I followed the utorrent setup guide to a T. ok... download speed are under 40 kB/s on big seed files. (connecting to 28/15000+)

Default Settings on utorrent (other than speed guide)...

Port Forward is good, with static IP.

Set up speed guide according to 384 kbit/s (that's what my average was closest to by rounding down) http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=422150#p422150

Made exception on NOD32 for utorrent.exe

Don't know why I'm still downloading/uploading slow!?

Thanks in advance

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Wow.. .I think you're right.. I am using Bell, and the only time I've recently been on my computer has been after 6pm (the time in which they throttle the download limit)... So this does make sense, because right now I'm dl at roughly 150 kB/s and it's 11:30am, which isn't unreal speed but definitely better than before. But I'm glad things are working!.. lol Thanks for the post! And they say that the throttle issue for bell internet users should be fixed after Christmas, around the new year. Thanks!

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