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I can't port forwarding for utorrent help me plz


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first off i alrdy went to www.portforward.com and did exactly as they told me and it still won't work.

i have a qwest actiontec dsl modem to connect to the internet and i also have a linksys wireless-g broadband router to connect my xbox and second computer online and this computer. so basicly i got 3 devices connected online, 2comps and 1 game console.

so i open up utorrent v1.4 -> options ->speed guide -> to test the port forwarding, but it didn't work, gave me error! highlighted in red and i have read that i can use any port that is above 10000.

so basicly my question is how do i get the port to open so i can start downloading and i really love utorrent, bc of its small appz.

do i have to port forward both my linksys router and my qwest actiontec modem? and how would i do that... im not a networking expert so if anyone can help me i would be very thankful!!

here is a little diagiarm to help u imagine how my network looks like =)

Internet--->Qwest Actiontec Modem---->Linksys WRT54G v3(alrdy updated firmware from the others post)---->1.this computer 2.upstairs computer 3. xbox right by this computer.

hope u understand... im sorry if i made it more confusing.. and any suggestion or comments or helps would be greatly appreciated.

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