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Downloading works great but Uploading does not.


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Hey everyone,

I just purchased a Belkin G Wireless Router Model# F5D7234-4.

I installed utorrent and did a port forward similar to my old router (DLink) and it says port is open and connecting.

After i finish downloading a file, i would like for it to upload to bring up my ratio.

When the file is done and trying to upload (seed) there is a yellow yield sign, never had this before when i port forward but now i do. I know there are a lot of people who want the file so there should be some sign of seeding.

What can be the problem?

*I used a utorrent port forwarding guide and I did everything it said.

** A friend of mine says i have to forward a port for downloading and another for uploading, is that true? if so, how do i do that?

Thanks, much appreciation.

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I forwarded the port with tcp & udp, i didnt do a port for each, chose the option for both.

I doubt it thats its Rogers, 2 weeks ago with my old router it was all gravy.

Nope, it didnt work. i just dont understand why its not working, i followed the guide and did what it said, so it should work.

I dont know why not

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well lets say that peers dont want to download from me, that doesnt explain why its a yield sign after i download.

the weird thing is as well is i tired it without a router and still same problem, so i can assume its not router but then i wonder what on my computer is doing it.

I Avast anti virus and also AVG, I tried turning off my computer firewall, and those programs and still nothing. me confusy.

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Hmmmm, looks like i may of figured it out.

Thanks to you Switeck, although i disabled my firewall and made exceptions as well.

I said screw it and uninstalled Avast.... guess what?

it worked, everything is back to normal, but now my concern is.... is there any antivirus i can use that wont combat against Utorrent? and is an actual good AV?

if not i just want to thank you Switeck for all your help and being patient with me.

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