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going crazy plz help


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okay for starters hello all im new here and sorry if this has been posted before or in the wrong section.

im using utorrent 1.8.5 with a satellite connection i know you cant get very good speeds from this sort of connection but surly i can get better than a maximum of 1.2kb/s. iv been searching the net for a long time but cant find a solution. i have port forwarded properly and have the green tick at the bottom of the window. i tried ultimas steps but no luck. i used the patch downloads tcp sys or something like that their called still no improvement. but the funny thing is before i forwarded any ports and had the red symbol at the bottom of the screen i was getting around 35kb/s.

oh and i forgot to mention my connection speed is 256/128 with an ipstar modem.

if any more info is needed just ask and i will try my best to answer

if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated

thank you

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128 kbit/sec upload settings or LOWER on my speed chart, 2nd link in my signature.

Encryption-wise, you might get better results doing this:


or this:


(NOTE: Those settings were a special case for a wireless ISP, so understand them before you try them!)

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