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speed issue (plz help)


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im new to this forum , i joined because i need to configure my settings

i looked on youtube like a fool and changed my settings there

well it made my speed 1.7mb p/s

i wanted to higher this because i have time waner cable and i have power boost ,so my d/s should

be 10 mb per second.

so can any one help me configure the setting.

oh yah

my modem is tm502g (arris)

its also plugged into a router linksys wrt54gr

thanks if you help

*sorry for the bad grammer

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First, reset all your settings:


Then try 2nd link in my signature.

NOTE -- Settings are based on sustainable UPLOAD speed max, *NOT* max download!!!

You probably have very low sustainable upload speed max -- maybe even less than 70 KiloBYTES/second (about 640 kilobits/second on my chart).

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hi forum i m new user to this forum. i have so problem about my torrent download speed. i have very very low speed for downloading. that speed about maximum up to 10kb/s. so pls tell me how i grow up my speed maximum to download as soon as possible fast. thanks for using this forum. meeu again.

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