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Is It My Router?


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I have a speed problem... yes i know you've heard it all before.

my utorrent downloads at a maximum of about 30kb/s, once it did me a film at 125kb/s, but that was only once. my upload speeds never seem to get any higher than 20kb/s.

I read a bunch of threads from others with speed problems and thought it was my norton internet security 2010, so today i removed it from my computer.


then rebooted.

i then ran utorrent without my internet security..... and was still got my usual speeds. So, i could no longer blame my norton.

So i reloaded norton internet security with uTorrent running, and after changing my bandwidth as suggested by another desperate utorrent user to:

max upload rate 100

alternative upload rate 100

global download 900

number of connections 750

max number of connected peers/torrent 100

number of upload slots per torrent 8

i'm now downloading 2 of 4 programmes and uploading 22 of my 50 programmes but all my torrents have gone RED...............

the 22 uploads only total 40kb/s!

what's going on.........

I run xp sp3, wired to etec adsl2/2+ router with firewall on.

norton internet security 2010 with network traffic unblocked and utorrent program control on custom with allow n all connections to and from computers allowing TCP and UDP protocol.

its uTorrent 1.8.4 thats doing the donkey work

But, why cant i download any faster. I have to leave my computer on for days on end to get a film and the last time i rebooted, my computer had logged 600 hours on........................

Is it my router???????????

could someone please help....

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It seems that Tiscali ADSL in the UK is still doing this:


Encryption-wise, you might get better results doing this:


or this:


(NOTE: Those settings were a special case for a wireless ISP, so understand them before you try them!)

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