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driver update - need some help


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Yes, I think that you are all right, and that my sound card is in fact dying. :(

The reason I think you are all right is that the behavior of the problem is not constant. lately it became a little less apparent, so it seems like something is behaving borderline.

any recommendations for a new chip sound card? :(

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1c3d0g: my nForce 2 onboard is quite nice, and the latest of the nForce audio is great :P

VIA's Envy24 onboard stuff is also awesome (Envy24(HT) chipsets are used in internal cards too, VERY good ones :P)

it's only junk if you've got a junky motherboard or some old ass crap. Modern onboard's not so shitty (as long as you got the right brands, cough)

hofshi: M-Audio Revolution 5.1, M-Audio Audiophile 192, Chaintech AV710 (great quality, don't let the price fool you), basically anything based off Envy24(HT), EMU 404 (worthless for gaming though)

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