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i dont know if someone has already post coments and questions as the ones i'm going to put her but the truth is that i'm completly new on the world of torrents and i have a huge amout of questins :|

i'll put them and if you want to erase the coment, feel free to , i just didnt know where to put it, how to look for my questions, and so moe doubts.

here they go:

what is a torrent ?

is a torrent an internacional download?

is it posible to make a torrent a nacional download?

what is a bug and is it bad?

whow do i aply a skin on my torrent 1.4?

how can a torrent be so light and the content be so heavy?

i'm sorry to disturb you *

but thaks for reading my doubts.

hope for a reply

any problem my email's on the site * kellyyy

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i've read all the questions and the most of them i confess i didn't understand since i am not even english. but for what i've seen none has answered my most worrying questios: if this is internacional download, is it posible to put a filter to turn ir nacional or something, because my international download limit is way shorter than the nacional ..

hoping to hear from you

and i'm terribly sorry for my english *

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