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U/D speed problem.


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It's my first time to use uTorrent and I love this. (formerly, I use Rufs)

But I found my download speed ALWAYS < Upload.

(usually, my download speed only 5kb/s ~ 1x Kb/s but upload speed > 1xx Kb/s. :cry:)

Can someone tell me how to setup in uTorrent and prevent other peers that ONLY reciving data from me. Thanks so much.

Furthermore, if I add torrent that filename in Chinese_Simp or Korean, uTorrent will sometimes failed to start download. But, if uTorrent can start download, the filename was written in strange characters in my harddisk (Rufs is ok). Will this problem be solved in further release?

-Windows XP.sp2 home edition - Japanese language

Sorry for my terrible English. :rolleyes:

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