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utorrent freezes and then comes back to life


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I've been using utorrent for years and never had any problems with it, not even with my windows 7 64bit for a couple of months until today !

I did two things today not sure if any of them is causing the problem, first I created an incoming VPN and an outgoing VPN, second I downloaded and installed "garena" from garena.com (which uninstalled it later)

here is what happens to utorrent:

I start the utorrent, it works for few minutes (totally unpredicted) then freezes and all incoming and outgoing cease, then I have to click or double click anywhere on utorrent then after a minute or so, it starts working like nothing has happened, and if I don't click on it, utorrent remains in freeze mode !

I checked the task manager and it doesn't even take any resources nor cpu nor ram.

I tried reinstalling, deleting setting.dat ....didn't help

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