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New Issue I am having


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Hi, first off, thanks for helping with my issue. I have been using the latest version of Utorrent with no issues at all for a few weeks. I started going to a new private tracker, which is not located in my country, but is VERY trustworthy. All was well until about 2 days after I started DL torrents from them.

After starting Utorrent my internet connection would bog down, until it became impossible to either DL, or go to any web pages. I can remedy the situation by rebooting my modem(cable) AND my lynksys wtr54g Router. If I only reboot my modem, it has no effect. Only when m,y router is rebooted does it seem to put everything back to normal. So my guess is it is something to do with my router. My question is, how can something go wrong with your router networking out of nowhere? Has anyone had this happen to them concerning Utorrent or certain trackers? How do I fix it? I went from being on top of everything to just treading water and cannot DL any file larger than 500 mb's it seems. THANKS for the help and have a a good one....

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