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this might help some ppl


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hi there folks!

was having a heck of a time with speed issues and thought it might be throttling. I am currently using TEKSAVVY as my ISP after switching from BELL cuz they screwed with me persistently for a year (long story) and thought mebe BELL was messing with them.

Anyways... my one torrent kept getting stopped and the speed was atrocious ... I 'fixed' the prob with the following:

1. turned my port to 83 ... YES eighty-three.. read somewhere that it confuses throttlers to think its e-mail

2. Figured out NERO index search was screwing with my torrent... shut all nero related search/index crud OFF/disabled it in task manager

3. I'm running Vista and put my download folder in the exceptions list in the indexing options list (prevents advanced indexing which is going on CONSTANTLY in vista)

especially after doing #3 my torrent jumped from 20kb to 218kb!!

I hope this helps anyone out there and keep sharing ppl!!

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