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DL is fine Upload and internet browsing are non-existent


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Hi there, looking for some help if anyone can offer any!

I've read a lot of posts where people complain of the same uploading problem I have, namely that I more or less do not connect to peers, or very infrequently and it will only reach upload speeds of usually 0.1-0.5 kb occasionally hitting the big 5.0kb whenever I do connect to peers. (Let me also just say that this has happened exactly the same on six different torrents with totally different swarms but one of them has 236 seeds and over 2500 peers and it still persists) Also, my download speeds hit 1mb at max.

I have read of my browsing problem as well but never in the same post. Every time I open utorrent my browsing becomes very erratic and slow. Most web pages will take a long time to load or just not load at all. I can't see any pattern in which pages as every time utorrent is on and I open the browser it's different web pages that won't load.

In all the posts I've read about it I can't find a solution that has worked for me.

I'm running Windows 7 (utorrent is excepted in the firewall)

AVAST anti virus (not this as I have tried uninstalling it)

Utorrent 3rd release beta (tried the release version as well, same problems)

I have followed the speed guide

I have tried ultima's troubleshooting guide

I have tried the recommended settings

I have tried enabling/disabling:



Peer Exchange


The only thing I have not done is set up a manual port forward as every test I've ever done says the port is open. And the icon is always green at the bottom of the utorren UI (except on startup up when it is yellow for a few seconds before it turns green)

Here are my current settings:

Basic Settings:

Upload limit: 58kB/s

Upload slots: 4

max Connections per Torrent: 85

max global Connections: 100

max active Torrents: 4

max active downloads: 3

current port: 64845

I have net.max_halfopen set to the default 8 (I have tried it on 4 but that didn't change anything and frankly I don't really know what this does)

I have a combo router/modem from rogers - Cisco dpc2325

Any help would be super appreciated. Frankly, at this point I think the problem is beyond me so even suggestions for a different client that might work (bitcomet didn't or at least there were both slow dl and ul speeds)?

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