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Shared Wireless Networks...


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I am living in a university dormitory, and so I am forced to connect on a massive shared wireless network that feels like it is powered by a few dozen hamster wheels (and half of the hamsters are dead)

I'm looking for any way to increase my download speed. Would disabling uploading help at all? I know it's bad etiquette to never upload, but with the abhorred speeds, I'd like to do anything to squeeze a bit more speed into my download (i usually peak around 200 kb/s, right now i'm cruising at a cool 15 kb/s :S)

Anything else I could do to streamline my performance or am I just stuck with what I got?


P.S. Is there a way to use the download/upload speed graph for all-time? I'd like to see if there is a regular pattern to my connection speed or if it's just totally random.

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