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Small request


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Sorry, maybe there was some misunderstanding.

Inititally, I requested that the "Preferences" window should remember (after being closed) which category it last selected (Gerneal, Appearances, etc). This doesnt happen for me in the lastest beta (build 431). Hopefully this clears up any confusion.

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I am SOOOOOOOO confused right now... It turns out that I DID read correctly the first time through O.O

Nefarious, you confused me xD

Anyway, I posted (and Nefarious's apparent double-post was a response to my deleted post) that remembering the preference page last used was requested a while ago. It's not implemented, so it shouldn't happen in the latest beta in the first place. I shall search for it again =P

Edit: Eh found it without much pain... ;]

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This is a good feature!

It is available in eMule (.47c) which is another P2P communication program/protocol. I use it mainly to get to connection (bandwidth) option (preference) to coordinate bandwidth between eMule and µTorrent.

It doesn't need to be saved between µTorrent sessions, but needs be retained when you minimize/maximize, etc.

[it would be a simple one character static variable in the the preference dialog window class which would retain the last state in the current invocation.]

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