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Connections Fall to 0; Reboot Fixes the Problem for a Day


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Lately I've found that my BitTorrent 6.3 client will, after a fresh reboot, connect to plenty of peers and seeds for all of my torrents and the download and upload speeds will be what I'm used to. I see the green check at the bottom of my screen as well. However over the course of a day (these are big torrents) I find that the number of connected peers and seeds slowly drops off while the number of seeds and peers available (in the ()) stays quite high. Eventually BitTorrent will not be connected to any seeds and peers for any of my torrents no matter which tracker I'm using.

If I reboot the machine BitTorrent will start up and connect to all sorts of peers and seeds for all of my torrents and resume downloading and uploading just fine. The green check mark will appear after a few moments while the UPnP does its thing and I'm good to go. Then the process starts all over again. By the same time the next day BitTorrent will not connect to any seeds or peers even if I add a new torrent for it to download. Rebooting will solve the problem.

I've gone over the guides that I've seen in this forum and I've patched my TCPIP.SYS as I did notice a few 4226 errors in my event log. My settings are otherwise pretty much default and configured by the speed guide to settings that seem pretty low given my connection speed. I have AT&T DSL on a Linksys N router. My DSL modem is set to allow the router to do the connection to the ISP so the modem is out of the way. The machine has a dynamic IP, but it almost always reregisters the same IP after a reboot. After a few more days of this problem I don't know what else to try so I'm posting here. Any advice is much appreciated.


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My line speed is a 6 Mbps down 768 Kbps up. I didn't thing that was relative because my speed and connections eventually drop to 0 and a simple reboot fixes the problem.

Ctrl-G brings up the Speed Guide window with the following settings:

Upload Limit: 72.0 kB/s

Upload Slots: 5

Connections (per-torrent): 100

Connections (global): 450

Max active torrents: 5

Max active downloads: 4

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Yes, that seems to be standard uTorrent settings for xx/768k.

You were uploading reliably at 72 KB/sec till about an hour before the problem/s start?

Some routers don't handle lots of connections at once, UPnP, SPI, high half open rates, or UDP traffic (typically from DHT but also potentially from uTP, Teredo/IPv6, and Resolve IPs).

1st (slow speed section) and 2nd links in my signature.

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Actually, that would make sense if the speed suddenly started dropping off. However, it slowly looses connections as time goes by.

After a reboot I may have 30 connections, after a few hours I may only have 25, a little while longer only 20, then 15, 10, 5, and nothing. It happens very gradually. Then, without rebooting my router, a reboot to the machine fixes the problem. This problem started after upgrading to version 6.3 (though I don't recall if it happened in connection with that upgrade; it took me a while to figure out what was happing as it is so slow and the machine automatically applies patches which means lots of automatic reboots at night). With version 6.1 I never had this problem. Through this whole process I've had the same router, modem, and internet connection.

My router is a Linksys WRT160Nv2 firmware version 2.0.02.

I've already looked at the links you've specified; they didn't help. I saw them in another post. BTW, good idea to include those in your signature. It makes the information really easy to find, especially since you are such a frequent poster.

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