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Direct right-clicking on torrents (second attempt)


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Hopefully my request won't be ignored this time. Please tell me whether or not you plan to work on this, whether it's impossible, whether it's already been requested, etc. etc. Normally I wouldn't worry, but in my original thread, someone else brought up an unrelated point and got a response.

One thing that has been annoying me for a long time now is the fact that, to right-click on a torrent or file, one needs to first left-click it in order to highlight the appropriate entry.

It would be fantastic if one could simply right-click the file/torrent they want to act upon. Even if another file is highlighted, a right-click on a different one should instead highlight the different one, and bring up the context menu.

It is possible that this is a setting that I have missed. If so, I apologise and retract my feature request.

Also, on an unrelated topic, is there any reason why I can connect to many more seeds with the Windows version than with the Mac version? As an example, I downloaded a file that was not particularly popular, meaning only the original uploader was seeding. I left it on for a few days on the Mac, without any progress being made. After I rebooted into Windows, it worked like a charm and was downloaded in 15 minutes. Is this just to do with my port forwards etc. being inadvertently set differently in each OS?



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