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Seeding loads, but noone is leeching


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First post, I hope I am posting in the correct area.

Let me say I have read your FAQ scoured various guides for help with this and followed their advice, so far to no avail.

I am fairly new to uTorrent, been using about 3 months. Before that I was a user of Azereus/Vuze for a few years. I never had any issues with people leeching from me using Vuze that I am aware of.

I was having trouble getting anyone to connect to me at all, until I read through the postings on setting up port forwarding etc. Now I get the "green tick" but still leeching from me is very very limited despite there seeming to be a big queue of people leeching in general.

I hope I'm not doing anything wrong. I set my seeding limits to 125% so that I always seed more than I download, and in general my ratios have been good but some of my "old faithful" sites are complaining my ratio has dropped below what they would generally approve of.

Please tell me what you need me to tell you, screen shots of settings or whatever. Any help is greatly appreciated. I am new to uTorrent but not new to torrents in general, but I am no expert user either so by all means, if you think its important and "surely he must have....." then please ask.

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Private trackers tend to create very-hard-to-seed conditions, especially if you're not running unfirewalled fiber optic 100mbit/sec and up seedboxes. By the time you even get a peer ip from the tracker, that peer may already be a seed! ...Or it may have already reached max connections per torrent.

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