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not connecting to peers well


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i have a few torrents i've created and uploaded using utorrent. occasionally i will get very good upload speeds but i will be forced to close the application( weather it was a power failure or another person in the house logging off my user) and the next time i open the program i get next to no connection to peers. one is reported as having 1 seeder(me i presume) to 4 leechers and another is 7 seeders to 13 leechers. i'm wondering if there is any way i could connect to more leechers to increase my upload speeds. i've already run the setup guide and still get the same resulting upload problem though it does do wonders for download speed. im using utorrent 2.0 build 17920 and windows vista.

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it might be possible that it's my wifi router, i've been having some problems with it lately. when i run the test with the router unhooked i get a green light every time, with it plugged in i get the yellow triangle because of the port. i've tried port forwading. both speeds are unlimited unless i run the test then it varies. just ran it and the results were

upload: 1.1Mbit/s (134.3kb/s)

downlaod: 10.27Mbit/s (1.2MB/s)

Your upload speed : test result 1.1 Mbit/s

utorrent bandwidth configuration

upload limit: 90Kb/s

connections (per torrent): 100

max active torrents: 6

upload slots: 6

connectins (global) : 450

max active downloads: 5


result: port is not open(you are still able to download)

i used portforward.com and downloaded the program to do it automatically. i didn't pay so mabey that's it though it didnt stop me from going through all the steps.

and i don't believe i have changed any of the advanced settings.

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