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Remove And --> delete .torrent not working


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I'm not sure if this is a problem or if this doesn't do what I'm assuming it should do.

Basically, I save my .torrents to a folder...and then manually add them to the client.

When they're done and seeded sufficiently I right click the torrent and select remove and delete .torrent...

I *want* it to remove the torrent from utorrent and also delete the source .torrent file.

But it doesn't do this. Have I got this behaviour wrong?

It's the one thing thats blocking adoption of the client...I'm usually a user of G3/Rufus which has a similar menu item and *does* delete my source .torrent.

I think Azureus behaves the same as utorrent in this regard which is why I never seriously considered using it either (along with the bloat and java nastyness :P )

So...is this a problem with the client / my pc configuration somehow or is it that this function does something else other than I'm assuming.

If someone could shed some light and explain it to me that would be great.


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