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"Error: Files missing from job. Please recheck."

King Mustard

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I wanted to move the folder where all my files download to from C:\Downloads\BitTorrent to D:\Downloads\BitTorrent.

I opened µTorrent, stopped all of the running torrents, and went to Tools then Preferences. In the Folders section, I changed both instances of C:\Downloads\BitTorrent to D:\Downloads\BitTorrent and closed µTorrent. I then moved the Downloads\BitTorrent folder from the C:\ drive to the D:\ drive.

When I now open µTorrent, all of the torrents that were there before still show up but in the Status part, it shows "Error: Files missing from job. Please recheck.". Any ideas?

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Hello. I also am getting this message, but from different circumstance. This is what I did:

Search ISOHunt for a file. Next to the file there is a little icon that shows a folder with a green arrow. Clicked the icon and was shown a bunch of info about the file, like urls and hashes etc. I found a link that said "download torrent". I did that, clicking the "save to disk" option in the dialog. Then I saved it to c:\my documents\my downloads\movie downloader. Next, in utorrent I clicked the File Add torrent and told it the torrent file was here. When I clicked Start, it immediately gave me this error.

I don't know/care where the file will be downloaded to, so I left the default folder options. I never tried to change any locations of anything once I got the torrent. And this is happening for torrents from both isohunt and torrentspy.

Thanks again, people! I finally got my port forwarded. Yeah! (fist punched in air for victory) Just taking my baby steps... I dunno what other info you require to help me so ask away. :)


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You said you were only seeing the folder list though... So you were seeing the normal single file dialog then?

Was the normal single file dialogue (same as the Open and Save As windows in MSPaint) as I was trying to locate a single file (finding folders worked fine) but only folders were appearing in the dialogue (even though All Files was selected). Don't blame my system, it's flawless and I am very good with the Windows OS (not trying to sound annoying, but I don't want to be assumed to be a novice user).

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I've encountered the same problem from other aspect.

I was using Beta 428 with 5 torrents when I closed utorrent. After abount 7 hours I've updated to Beta 431. When I've started utorrent 4 torrents conected and continued (with better speeds), however 1 torrent (at 45.7%) showed with stop sign - stating : "Files missing form job. Please recheck."

Obviously I've rechecked - it verified to 45.7%, when started message shown again.

I've verified via setting download location & properties open folder and everything seems fine - problem remains.

I've reloaded torrent - problem remains. Re-checked - problem remains. Opened download location & properties open folder - problem still exist.

Any ideas ???

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Hello utorrentteam!, first thing to say utorrent is now my favorite torrent program!

please can u code an operating system ? :))

ok, the problem described above has also happend to me.

I was using Beta 428 when I closed utorrent. then updated to Beta 431 and

the finished torrent i was seeding a long time in 428 showed with stop sign - stating : "Files missing form job. Please recheck." so i did that. after the recheck it was still missing some files ?? my download path is d:\downloads\..

feature request: i want to see what files are missing in the logger window.

i closed the 431 and and started the 425 , and without a recheck the torrent started seeding without any errors ?!

btw, i miss the text in b431 under the buttons from the menu bar, can i change it somehow back with to icons with text, please help.

another thing is, i changed the diskio.read_cache_size to 120000 and the diskio_queue_write_size' to 64000.as i read it here http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=6675 and now utorrent is using about 60 mb of ram with 5 torrents(not 6 or 8mb as it was using before) and the system is still slow. any advice?

have a nice day !

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I know that I often move downlaoded files around that I'm still seeding, and on once in awhile in the process of downloading and I have found sometimes it is better to copy the file to the new location, re-set the download location, do a force re-check via-right click and if it checks correctly delete the "original". Of course you must stop the use oif the file in utorrent while moving. I never have had the problem of it not moving any type of file from single files to 4+gig multiple files/folders. I'm not suggesting it is something you are doing just sounds rather odd that it is not working.

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I just encountered this problem.

I was downloading with UT 142b131, switched to another client, switched back and got the "Error: Files missing from job Please recheck." I did the recheck, but it did not do anything, same error when I restarted the torrent.

I then closed uTorrent 142b131 and started uTorrent 142b128, did the recheck and it fixed the problem.

I was able to continue with 142b131 after that.

Is there an issue with the recheck in 142b131?

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When I upped to 430 from 428, I got this problem with it saying two of my seeding torrents had files missing. Forced a re-check, would say 100% and Finished, start it seeding again, it would say files missing. Upped to 431 and it still did the same thing. Removed those two torrents from uTorrent, put the torrent files back in the main torrents dir, and re-added them (said Start torrent, rather than open for seeding) and pointed them to the same data dir they were in... and it found the files fine 100%, and has been happily seeding them again since.

Odd though.

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