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Very slow file selection tracking in the Add New Torrent dialog


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Using uTorrent 2.0.17920

I just tried to open a torrent that contains 1682 files which are altogether 22.39 GB in size. Even though these are neatly categorized into various subdirectories, I found that scrolling down the file list in the Add New Torrent dialog with the keyboard was painfully slow. I know it's a custom dialog, but why is it so slow compared to, say, Windows Explorer which allows me to scroll down massive directory listings with no slowdown whatsoever?

A fix for this would really be appreciated, since I often create/open huge torrents. BTW, the smaller the torrent is, the faster the scrolling, so it seems that there might be a memory allocation/caching issue here or something.

Edit (Ultima): Topic renamed from "Very slow scrolling in the Add New Torrent dialog".

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Inaccurate description. This is not slow scrolling -- this is slow selection tracking, whether by mouse, or by keyboard. I can confirm the issue though; moving to "Found Bugs" forum.

For anyone wishing to reproduce this problem, test the dialog against the Elephants Dream production files. Load it, and try clicking any file in the files list, and you'll find that there's a rather large delay between click and actual selection.

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