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Utorrent 2.0 slower?


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since the appearence of 2.0 my upload speeds dropped by 2/3 100% of the time whenever a clinet using 2.0 joins the group not only does this client suffer but the whole groups uploads/downloads suffer even though im capable of 100kbs upload i can only mange round 30 tops when seeding and as soon as that client using 2.0 leaves the speeds return to normal, So i have now reverted to banning all ip's using 2.0 through filter, no offence but this is really slowing the whole show down and the sooner they get rid of this the better.

By the way im using ut 1.8.5.

For anyone not using 2.0 next time ur downloading or seeding watch when you connect to a peer using this client verision and see if ur upload/download speed drops, my bets it will big time.

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