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Pre-allocate files works strange


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Sorry for my poor english.

I'm using uTorrent v2.0 (17920) (XP Prof+SP2) and I wonder, how pre-allocate function works?

Everything seems to be ok, files appear with proper size. But when I started download some anime (movies etc.) and then tried to play allocated file (download progress is 0%) I'm able to see other content. The content I had deleted before I started new download; totally other eg. I'd deleted xyz, started abc, and I can watch parts of xyz.

I know that is just luck (reserved space for abc is in similar position where xyz was situated), but there shouldn't be possibility to see deleted files.

It should allocate space at hdd for every file in torrent. Overwrite sequence of 0xFFFF value (*size of file) and reserve that space at MFT? And it should take a while, now even 4.7 GB file is allocating within few seconds.

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