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uTorrent for Dummies! pictures please?


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Dummies might be a harsh way to say it,

I looked in the forum and read alot of threads, I am not technically inclined to say the least, well with computers that is (now wood, plumbing etc is my gig). They say a picture is better then words, so I present this request:

Can some one either re-direct me (and others) to a thread, or show me here, that shows pictures of uTorrents options, preference, etc on the best settings to setup your uTorrent 2.0, so they can just start with those until they get the understanding better of torrents and uTorrent program please.?

Me I have a Windows xp ver 5.1(sp3 build 2600), Comcast cable connection (the company says has 10-15mb/s dl), and 2 computers on a Netgear WGR614v9 router,my router has the a port set up for uTorrent (my friend setup my router settings for me). Although sometimes I have good connections (what I think is good 300kb/s) and other times bad connections (what I think is bad 5.0kb/s) but I never changed anything in options, preference etc. All I did was install and did that test connection and then ran with it :lol: thinking uTorrent 2.0 would do the rest :rolleyes:

so please if any good hearted softy out there would like to help this dummy out please do?

And thank you in advance

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OK I read your threads to me it is like reading a different language ( i still don't understand ) where do I set the 1mb/sec etc. is there any way you can take snap shots of your uTorrents options, preference so I can just look and copy your settings to see if I get better dl time.?

I just downloaded a torrent that had 5.333 seed/peer 0(16) seed 0(4) peers and it dl at 46kb/s max is this normal?

I downloaded a torrent that had 1.891 seed/peer 0(254) seed 19(127) peers and it dl at 225kb/s max is this normal?

just wondering?

or am I a more dummy then I thought?

and thank you for your reply earlier.

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