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Client cannot log in


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Since about a week ago I always get 404 error. Falcon used to work perfectly, but now it simply stopped working.

For example, Firefox displays a box saying:

404: Remote client returned an error

Your remote uTorrent client is unavailable or returned an error. Is the client connected in the Remote Access preferences?

Back in the client it just keeps reconnecting. Remote access status is always "Reconnecting in x seconds" and counting down. After reaching 1 it keeps "Connecting..." status for about a minute and then it says for a brief moment "This client cannot be connected to" or something simmilar.

What seems to be the problem? Is there some port that I should open? How come that it worked before, and now it does not?

Would Wireshak log help? My username? I would rather not reveal it if it is not necessary.

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