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Torrents, cranking along fine, have just stopped


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Hello, everyone. First time poster.

Been using UT for almost a year now. Have a Netgear router. Comcast cable. Have followed all the setups properly, done the port forwarding, etc. Speed/network tests in 2.0 come back spotless. Have been getting outrageously fast download and upload speeds (300-400). Just awesome.

Now, about a week ago, everything just stopped on my active torrents. Here's the behavior:

Torrents working fine, plenty of seeds/peers. Then all of a sudden, seeds/peers are now "0". Active torrents *try* to start uploading and downloading. I can tell because the down and up speeds will start off at like 0.1 or 0.3, then immediately blank out.

I *don't* think there's a problem with my setup, since I have been cranking along just fine. But I suppose I could be wrong. However, I did read somewhere that perhaps my IP has been blocked by public trackers? Not sure what that means. But like I said, everything was working great.

Anyway, I'd be grateful for any ideas/suggestions. I'm completely dead in the water.

Many thanks!

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There's a bug in uTP peers/seeds that uTorrent v2.0 uses by default. uTorrent v1.8.x accepted them as incoming but didn't make them by default.

The uTP bug causes 0-0.1 KB/sec speeds. :(

It'll be fixed soon...maybe even before next Friday.

Till then, turn off Bandwidth Management under preferences, bittorrent. (that disables uTP)

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