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Weird Problems


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I have a very weird problem.

When I sorted my torrents in their download order, I notice this weird phenomena (for the past 6 months).

The first active downloading torrent on the list is always very slow (If I re-arrange it to be NOT first, it speeds up!).

Anybody know why is this?

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As I said, this behavior started somewhere around uTorrent 1.8.4 (I think).

Just recently joined this forum when invited by uTorrent 2.0...

So I thought I would mention it.

It is not a huge problem - rather an annoyance and general PITA.

It means that I do have to spend some time nursing my torrents - the largest torrents takes longest so they naturally float to the top where they slow down dramatically - adding to the pain. SO I must occasionally clean up and speed them up by moving them down the list!!!!

I recalled it started after we experience throttling in Singapore - the aftermath of some severe line outages last year... Since then throttling is lesser but I believe the SIngapore ISP have instituted some form of throttling during certain hours!

My total D/L speed varies from 10kb/s to 300+kb/s!

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I don't think bad router is the issue as I stated that the relative speed fluctuates with the 'first active downloading position" torrent only.

A defective router should impact all torrents equally.

BTW, the latest update (v2 b18296) a day or 2 ago seems to have fixed this problem.

Anybody knows what happens?

I said seems because I am down to 1 torrent going (I added a few last night but they finished) and it seems to be pretty snappy. I will report if the issue recurs.

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