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bandwidth test failed: error 10053


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I have big troubles with utorent.

I do not have the possibility to download any torrent.

I do the configuration wizzard and the bandwidth test always failed though the port test succeed.

I do not use windows firewall but eset nod32, and the rules alowing in and out is on.

Do you have any idea?

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Had same problem. Found that my net.max_halfopen (advanced settings in utorrent) did not match the TCP/IP limit half open settings on my computer. I had utorrent set for 8, and my TCP/IP set for 20. Once I made them both match, the problem cleared up. Search internet for "How To Change Half Open Connection Limit In Windows XP Sp3" where Windows XP Sp2 is whatever your system is really running. If using Vista or Windows 7 this should not apply.

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