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Upload/Download speed


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Okay, the torrent I'm downloading from 7(10) seeds and 23(84) peers. I'm connected to the 23 peers.

I've read the FAQ, and did a forum search before asking, but please bear with me.

I tried setting up my connection exactly as the script asked (4431 kbps/741 kbps = download/upload.) but I've still had no luck in getting over 5k download. My upload varies from peer to peer, sometimes it's gone as high as 100k but I still get nothing in return. I'm not sure what's more frustrating, not getting this to work, or the slow speed.

Okay my settings:

My router is WRT54G v5 (updated firmware to 1.00.6)

TCP/IP patch = 371 connections

Network Options › Global maximum upload rate: 74

Network Options › Alternate upload rate: 89

Network Options › Global maximum download rate: 510

Torrent Options › Global maximum number of connections: 741

Torrent Options › Maximum number of connected peers per torrent: 93

Torrent Options › Number of upload slots per torrent: 18

Advanced Options › net.max_halfopen: 371

Port 32459, (and correctly forwarded/checked with Speed guide)

UPnP: Disabled

peer.disconnect_inactive_interval = 600

peer.lazy_bitfield = true

Version: 1.4.2 BETA (Build 427)

Now I've seen download speeds over 60k-170k on this torrent which is why I'm so confused, they don't even upload anything and yet they get so much....I have been stuck at 90% with 0 hashfails and 0.0 kb for about two days with 1-5 kb download/10-15kb upload. The torrent itself is only 3 gigs, but I've uploaded more 6 gigs. I thought it was my ISP (Rogers) throttling my connection but there was One day when i was uploading at 100k but downloading at 1kb lol...

I've been readin the forums and many admins have repeated that having too many connections also slows ur download rate too....I've tried reducing the settings such that I'm basically uploading to only 10 ppl at the most and making 50 connections....and net.max_halfopen was at 70 or 80. I'm not even sure anymore...but basically, I've had no luck improving the speed. I've only seen it increase speed once to 24k...but it was quickly back down to 1-5kb in a few seconds.

If anybody could share some insight, it'd be greatly appreciated.

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Sorry, did that as well...should have mentioned that...let me check if there's anything else I didn't modify..

Other Settings:

Enabled use additional slots if speed <90%

Max number of active torrents : 1

Max number of active downloads: 1

Enabled Incoming legacy connectiones

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