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Can you cheat/increase upload speeds?


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My download speed is rated at 6mbs. I receive up to 580k download speeds with an average of 411k (over the last of week), but I am blocked at 40k upload. This means that I can never give back anywhere near what I am capable to taking.

My objective by this post is to see if there are any cheats or tricks to increase this upload capability. Even squeezing 5-10k would be wonderful as I would still be giving back more then I currently am.

Purchasing increased upload speed is ridiculously priced in my area. At the moment is out of the question as I am disabled and on a fixed income.

I have gone though may of the general recommendations, and have played with a few settings, but still do not generally even get close to the 40k I am supposed to be capable of uploading (usually 30 - 32k).

My current settings at this moment are:

Max torrents: 4

Max download: 3

Max upload rate: 40k

Global Number of Connections: 200

Max number of connected peers per torrent 70

Number of upload slots per torrent: 3

I am running a visionnet adsl205 modem / Win Xp SP3 / Win Defender / Avast Antivirus / uTorrent 2.0.

Any sugesstions other that stop downloading 27 days of the month would be appreciated.

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Simple, reduce max connections per torrent, reduce global max connections, and reduce downloading to only 1 "fast" torrent at a time.

If only seeding, you could set max connections per torrent to only 5-10...since that's still more than the 3 peers you're uploading to at a time. I've asked for that to be a feature in uTorrent to set seeding torrents max connections far lower than downloading.

Even while downloading, try setting max connections per torrent to only 30.

Even reducing how fast you're making outgoing ip connection attempts to new peers/seeds could in theory give a tiny bit more upload to spend on torrents.

Disabling DHT, Resolve IPs, and even Local Peer Discovery might help as well.

Sadly, Teredo/IPv6 may be causing more traffic than it's worth for some people...so disable that also.

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