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Problem with new utorrent

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I installed utorrent 2.0 and then the update that came after that, 18296. I left for a couple of hours and when I returned several torrents were displaying the red arrow sign and it said "data error: cyclic redundancy check." I forced a recheck and on one of the torrents it turned normal but on all the others it did not. I shut down the application and then turned it back on. It began checking the torrents as it does when suddenly interrupted. Except it was doing it really slowly. I shut down the comp. When I turned it off I got the same results, that is to say it was checking the torrents very slowly. The program was extremely sluggish. I left it alone for a couple hours to finish the check. It is downloading ok, but it is slow as molasses. The rest of the programs on the comp are responsive and this is limited to the program. If I try to do anything with the torrents chances are it will freeze, and the not responding message will appear. Sometime after I turn the program on the suspect files will say: "invalid download state, try resuming" but after that I get the same cyclic redundancy check on two of my large torrents. The torrents in questions were 12 and 7 gb respectively. I have deleted the 12 gb one but the 7 one i really need.

I have used utorrent for years now and love it to death. I have never had any, even a minor issue with it. Please help good people of utorrent forums.

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