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HashFails on slice >1mb not fixed? (build 427)


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Developers wrote:

--- 2006-02-19: Version 1.4.2-beta (build 427)

- Fix: Hashfails on torrents with piecesize >1MB (new bug since 426)

but this bug continue appear. i have ~1:1 wasted data against valid in build 427.

i understand that maybe is due to the fact that my isp use a d-link routers, but can't beleve that is major cause. i already have read a DMZ attention in the faq, but even if my isp use this cheapest devices, this hardware is an isp domain, and i can't affect on operating mode of this, tune it up etc., i can't even check this up.

please! fix >1mb bug. i nave a lots of wasted traffic.

best regards.

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