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File list empty in Add New Torrent dialogue


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I think I may have discovered a new bug, but I thought I'd play it safe and discuss it here first.

I suddenly find myself unable to add any new torrents without experiencing this 'empty' file selection box. One torrent it was fine, the next poof! I don't think there was an upgrade, restart or reboot between working and not working, but it definitely came after upgrading to 2.0.


I know that utorrent is reading the .torrent files because the scroll bar reflects the number of files to be downloaded. It always looks like there's a single, blank/unnamed file in the box proper -- scrolling has to be done using the scroll bars, though it changes nothing as far as the box goes.

I furthermore know that utorrent is reading the .torrent file because examination of the torrent entry in the main window shows a fully populated file list. (So, I can do file selection immediately after adding instead of during, but that is inconvenient, if not annoying, IMHO.)

Checking 'ALL', I appear to have about four thousand torrents though only about a hundred of them are actually running -- am I over-taxing the program?

Problem persisted through an upgrade from 2.0 to the 2.0.1 Beta.

Any comments or corroboration? Is it a bug or something as simple as a wayward flag switch?

Thanks muchly.

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I know exactly what happened, but before you do anything to fix it... please go to %AppData%\uTorrent, get settings.dat, and email it to me. firon at utorrent.com. There is some subtle corruption going on here where the column width is being set to an incorrect value, and we believe it's in the settings file that it's happening. If you can send me your settings.dat, then we can at least see HOW it's being corrupted.

After you've done that, just right click on the column header and hit reset. But please send me the dat first.

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