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When starting UT my internet connection dies completely!


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Hi There,

I am quite new to Mac in a sense and i hope my question doesn't bother anyone. My problem showed up about 3 weeks ago when i started UT and suddenly my internet connection died. This happens as soon as i start UT even though i am not DL anything. UT used to work fine before and i had no problems what so ever. I am quite sure that it has nothing to do with my router or internet connection. My UT doesn't work so well and some DL wont even start. I have had a 24mb connection for years and i am used to DL stuff around 1mb without any internet problems. i also tested Opera to check if i could DL a torrent through that software, which made UT and my internet work. But thats a crappy software compared to UT. i am using the newest Mac Book Pro 5,5 with OS 10.6.2. Appreciate any help!

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I think I have the same problem! I'm using 10.5.8 on a PC with an iDeneb compilation. I've been using uT for mac since agost and since 2 or 3 weeks, maybe more, when I DL something with uT after a while my Internet connection dies.

Strange thing, I also have a MB Pro 15" since christmas and uT works perfectly fine on it. Maybe because I use Wi-Fi connection with my laptop and ethernet connection with my "PC"?

I don't know, the only thing for sure is that it used to work fine and know it doesn't... Nothing changed in between!

Thanks for your help!

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