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n00b question


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Hi, been using uTorrent for a while, but I am new to hosting my own torrents. Now generally when I download a torrent I usually seed it for a week or so and delete it, but I never really pay attention to what kind of speeds im giving, I just leave it at unlimited unless it interferes with my day to day stuff.

OK, my question is, I hosted a torrent for a week or so, and it maintained upload speeds of about 180 kB/s a second for a most of that time, and now it has dropped off. Now its uploading at like 12-15 kB/s.

I added a new torrent today, and its seeding at around 150 kB/s just like the other did at first.

Now, my question is, the first torrent now at this point had 54 seeders and 61 peers. Is the slowdown on my end because so many other people are seeding and it does not need to pull so much from me now?

Or is this a problem I should look in to?

Sorry if its a stupid question, I just want to make sure everything is set up correctly!

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