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I need optimal advanced settings for pure seeding on a 50down/10up


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I know the auto setup sets up the main settings, but I want to set up the advanced settings. My connection is a pretty solid 10mbps up, and all I am concerned about is seeding. Now (yikes!) there are even more advanced settings, and plenty of advice online about setting them up, but none I trust. My trust lies in the good people of this forum. Thanks in advance.

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Upload speed you'll need to tweak...but I guess you can probably manage something between 1000 and 1200 KiloBYTES/second.

Upload slots, probably about 10-20.

Connections per torrent...might as well be pretty low if only seeding, like 20-30. (Just keep a few extra more than you have upload slots.) Downloading with 30 connections per torrent isn't bad.

Total global connections -- depends on how many torrents you'll keep active at once.

If only seeding, make sure each upload slot gets at least 5 KB/sec but probably no more than 20 KB/sec.

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bt.connect_speed is just fine at 5 outgoing peer/seed connection attempts per second.

net.max_halfopen you can raise a high as 50 if you have 100's of torrents queued to start at once, but otherwise there's no real gain from that.

You can receive incoming connections just fine I hope, because incoming connections do not count against those 2 settings' limits.

Disable Resolve IPs (right-click in PEERS window/tab of a torrent) it costs some speed.

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With all the new settings and such, I thought I would post shots of my settings, and see if you can help me get better upload speeds.Here are the results of my speedtest


Here is the make and model of my modem http://www.smc.com/index.cfm?event=viewProduct&localeCode=EN_USA&cid=2&scid=20&pid=1678

And my Utorrent Settings









Let me know how you would change things to get maximum upload and seeding speed :)


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Remove the 10 KB/sec max download speed limit.

Also check "Apply rate limit to uTP connections".

Lower your settings to roughly the 10 mbit/sec upload settings from 2nd link in my signature for one.

If you are predominately seeding, lower connections per torrent further -- to maybe only 30-50.

If only seeding, lower connections and upload slots per torrent to 10-20.

In the cache settings, the override MB amount must be no more than about 1800 MB. uTorrent cannot use more than 2 GB of ram since it's a 32 bit app.

In advanced settings, probably best to set bt.trans_disposition to 31 rather than 255. While these may work the same, that may not be the case in the (near?) future.

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I do not recommend using unlimited upload speed even for your fast connection.

Instead determine what's the fastest stable upload speed and use that as max.

Am I supposed to GUESS what your torrents are doing?

No thanks!

Check the Peers window/tab for the active torrents.

Are there peers not downloading yet have a big U flag?

Do many peers disconnect quickly?

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A snapshot doesn't tell me anything about how often peers connect and disconnect, except through inactivity timers.

There are 3 peers out of 16 that haven't done anything in the last ~2 minutes.

Is there any pattern to them ip-wise? ...or ISP-wise?

Are they recently connected and about to disconnect?

Are the 5 peers in your next-to-slowest torrent mostly dead?

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