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remote view of torrent status : tabs for trackers, peers, pieces ?


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First, I'd like to thank the devs for their work on the webui. This is pretty nifty work, and I'm really enjoying the speedup in utorrent vs. my previous client [ahem].

I hope this is not a FAQ, but I've tried to search for it w/o luck so far (webui and peers and trackers and pieces) etc.

I am looking to gather information about a new torrent I would be distributing, but I will normally only have remote access to the system. I am not locked down to the webui, as I'll generally have a laptop available to check in, so I could use a non-web program if it would run from a Win desktop . . .

Is there any current method that will show for a torrent the 7 tabs of the 2.x program vs. the 4 tabs of the webui ?


It would be nice to see those, though I realize this is not some essential thing.

Appreciate the forums here !

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