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Lost all links


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During the night my pc was running, this morning when I went to check on my downloads, and all links were gone, previous downloads were missing as well as current downloads.

I tried to reload using the Utorrent program. but it would not see them, but, in the statistics they show in the numbers and percentages.

I was able to relocate the downloads on the net and and reloaded them ok, and then it did a recheck and started where it left off.

But the completed torrents are not able to be reloaded for seeding.

I also downloaded the latest version from your website, this did not improve my problem.

Using Win7


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I have traced the fault to Win7 it has an infherent problem with its freezing,normally when moving data within its self, ie, files from folder to folder. When it hangs, utorrent losses the link??? this seems to be happening since I upgraded to win7.

The win7 forums are also full of the freezing problem, and no fix in sitght.

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