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How do I stop uTorrent when I have it open but no torrents in it?


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I've noticed this for a while and put up with it, but now I want to know if I can stop it.

Anyways, I have uTorrent open all the time in background. And I see that while it is open, it is always downloading/uploading even when there are no torrents in it. Anyone know how to stop this from happening?


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oh thank you, that did it :D

edit: wait :S I still see it downloading/uploading, but its at 0.0kb/s... but the total kb next to it keeps going up


Here's a picture of what I mean, there was no torrents in it either. it seems to go from 0.0kb/s to 0.1kb/s for some reason

edit again: I just noticed that uTorrent also keeps transferring even after I close the program (still with no torrent in it). I see this using my firewall. It shows uTorrent connecting to internet but I closed uTorrent already.

if this keeps going on, can I assume uTorrent isnt safe to use? I mean it is sending information whether or not it is opened/closed and even when there are no torrents in it

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