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Torrent wont download


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Utorrent was working fine on my pc till i had virus problems. I fixed those and now when i try to download a movie or music I can get the torrent onto uTorrent but when it starts to download nothing happens with the torrent but the very top of the page it has the uTorrent logo and it shows it is downloading and uploading as is shows the speeds. It will show that there are seeders but nothing is actually downloading. I have unstalled and re-enstalled the program and funnily enough when it is installed again all the sites I have put in before to search are still there. I think I have got the settings right otherwise I dont know what has happened. Hopefully someone can give me advice. To add to my problem now when i search on uTorrent and click to download it doesnt go to uTorrent but to another folder (downloads) in C:\

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