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What does bandwidth allocation actually do?


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(I'm talking about the bandwidth allocation tab in the torrents list and not the priority tab in the files list of a torrent)

How does it work?

Does putting a torrent in high priority makes uTorrent download it faster compared to other torrents or will it make uTorrent use more of my internet bandwidth?

In other words, if I'm downloading only one torrent does it make any difference to put it in low bandwidth allocation or putting it in high or does it only prioritize between torrents when you are downloading more than one and you have them in different bandwidth allocations? Will putting torrents in high bandwidth allocation make web browsing slower than putting them on normal?

Does the bandwidth allocation only make a difference when you are downloading or does it work for seeding too?

Thanks and sorry for my bad English.

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Bandwidth allocation gives more (HIGH) or less (low) upload speed to torrents, however it won't override absolute minimums...and very busy/active/fast torrents will still likely see more upload speed than other torrents that have few/overloaded peers.

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