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how to get 699.5 kb of speed


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well actually,,, i got pissed with low speeds lately,, came here to read and found nothing worked for very long..

it wasn't until i read where this guy is uping 500 torrents at a time and his kb count was very low..

so with that,,, i thought i'd try some other torrent proggy's and see if the same thing happened..

it did...

buy now i'm pretty pissed that i've got all these friggin proggy's stuffed in my comp and my hard drive is just screaming to be emptied.. so i decided it's time to dump the comp and start fresh again.. (i run a backup hard drive)

k,,, now i'm back up and running using just the cd's that came with the comp (No Updates) from microsoft..

so i installed utorrent and added a torrent to it.. at first it didn't seem any different but then it started..

went from 6kb's to 20kb's and so on until it hit 699.5 kb's... then the average kb was boncing between 189.4 to 326.3 and didn't go any lower than 89.1 kb it took under an hour to d/l the same torrent that took almost 2.5 days to get before i dumped my system..

so my question is,,,, if i take updates from microsoft why does utorrent (and others) slow way down???

btw,,, i did a test of other torrent proggy's as well and none of the others got anywhere close to 699.5 kb's.. average high for them was 300 to 400 kb's.. dropping down to 20 to 25 kb's at times and i'm just talking about download speed,, i'm new to this and don't really understand the upload part yet...

i guess most of ya are going to say,,, that sucks.... lmao.. but thats how i got utorrent to open up and download at an all time high of 699.5 kb's...

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my kb's are still high as of this morning..

i'm running vista 32bit.. i still haven't taken any updates from microsoft and i have no problems..

here's acouple of pic's.. this is the same torrent and the lowest was 89 kb's but it liked jumping to the high 100's alot..



it took under an hour to d/l vs acouple of days to get the same thing before i dumped my comp..

if i run 3 to 10 torrents it will go lower but 60 to 90kb on average and bouncing up to 200 something and a low of 29kb at times isn't bad..

well,, all i gotta say is,,,, if it ain't broke (now) don't fix it...lol

just a recap,,,,, yes i did try everything that is posted here with no luck..(and some) kb's would jump up to mid 50 kb's but drop off again .5 to 1.8 kb's that's when i got fed up and dumped my system and started over again to discovered uttorent worked waaaaay better not taking any updates from microsoft..

hell,,, i'm afraid to change anything it's running soooooo good....

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