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Green "networking OK" checkmark does not appear with all local peers


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It appears that if you are in a situation where all peers are Local peers, you still get the scary "!" icon in uTorrent saying you have no inbound connections.

I am testing out uTorrent (2.0 build 18488) using a SOCKS5 proxy and port tunnel. This is working well, and I can indeed receive inbound connections through the tunnel as well as form outbound connections through the SOCKS5 proxy.

Because of this arrangement, ALL my peers appear to be "local", which is why I noticed this bug.

This is apparently only a GUI idiosyncrasy, not truly a bug like the rate-limiting bug I also found with this arrangement ( http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=72358 ). Still, it might be nice if there was some way to tell uTorrent that those local peers are "real" peers.

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