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Manually deleted some of the downloaded files, now download doesn't co


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I'm using BitTorrent 6.4 (build 18095).

Official BitTorrent page (http://www.bittorrent.com/btusers/help/bittorrent-forums-closed) directs visitors to this uTorrent forum, so I will ask my question here.

I started downloading a very large file a while ago. The total download size is about 80GB. I'm doing this download with and old laptop which has only 40GB harddisk.

This 80GB file consists of 200 files which are equal in sizes, which are divided in to five different directories (these directories are inside the download package):

Part1: first 16GB of total files

Part2: second 16GB of total files

Part3: third 16GB of total files

Part4: fourth 16GB of total files

Part5: fifth 16GB of total files

Since my harddisk space was smaller that the total download size, when I first started this download, I used this priority configuration:

Part1: high priority

Part2: low priority

Part3: skip

Part4: skip

Part5: skip

Yesterday it finished downloading Part1 first since it had higher download priority.

Then I moved Part1 from my laptop to my desktop computer (i.e.; now the files of Part1 does not exist in the download folder).

After doing this, I set the priority configuration like this

Part1: skip

Part2: high priority

Part3: low priority

Part4: skip

Part5: skip

Now, when I start the download it goes on downloading for only about 20 seconds (20 seconds is an average interval, sometimes it happens to last less then 20 seconds and sometimes up to 2 minutes), then stops downloading and download icon becomes red "X" mark.

I tried setting download priority of Part1 to "low Priority" but then it doesn't even start downloading.

In my theory, when BitTorrent starts downloading/uploading of a file from one of these parts, it the selected file was from Part1, it stops downloading and uploading.

Now, what can I do to download the other remaining parts?

Is there any way to complete my download?

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You have to force a recheck.

When a part is complete, stop the torrent job.

Move the files relative to this part.

Change the priority of the current part (to 'don't download') and the next part (to 'high' or 'normal').

Force a recheck (right click).

Start the torrent job.

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