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Fiber Optic 50MB/s slow on download


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Since i upgraded from 18Mb/s to 50Mb/s on the same ISP, i've been noticing a real downhill fall on my download speeds.

Before switching, it was common to download up to speeds of 1 or 2 MB/s, now, rarely i get a download speed over 1MB/s, being most of the time around 20 to 500KB/s.

I have tried portforwarding, changing setting to increase the download, all to no avail.

Right now my upload is topping 200KB/s and if i set it up to a higher value, it will rise up to it no problem.

The main problem is really related to the download speed, even when testing it on speedtest.net is gives me the correct values (over 48Mb/s download).

Just finished the Glasnost test and:

"There's no indication that your ISP rate limits all downloads at port 6881. In our test, a TCP download on a BitTorrent port achieved at least 2908 Kbps while a TCP download on a non-BitTorrent port achieved at least 2672 Kbps."

Why is utorrent downloading so slowly and how can i improve it?

Btw, i have registered in this forum after reading and trying everything there is written on the sticky threads!



Edit - Tanks Switeck for mentioning the units.. some are Bytes and some bits.. all corrected now.

Regarding the thread you mentioned, i will later in the day test everything that's said there to see if i can finally see some improvement, but i have to say, a couple hours ago, my speeds peeked at 2.4MB/s for the first time i can remember... so could this be throttling from my ISP? (I have checked, but am checking again and will post the results below).


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